Sit and Go Tournaments (SNG) are a popular format that can be available 24/7. Each tournament begins only when a certain amount of people register to join the game. SNGs can welcome small groups and large crowds: the number of participants vary from 2 to 360. Even with such an impressive number of potential contestants, most common games here are single-table (aka STT) and welcome up to 6 or 9 people. The main advantage of SNGs is absence of any schedule or registration. Game begins as soon as all vacant places around the table are filled. The decision to enter shouldn’t take long, otherwise, you may end up waiting for a new spot for entering. Sit and Go tournaments exist in a large diversity, depending on speed (turbo, super turbo, etc), type (double of nothing, knockout, bounty, etc) and a number of participants (6-Max, 9-Max, etc). In SNGs with 6 players, there are 2 winners, while in SNGs with 9 gamblers, 3 people celebrate victory. Nevertheless, each person should aim for the top position as it ensures getting the biggest prize.

Why Play Sit&Go Tournaments on Pokio?

PROS: They allow you to quickly understand the basics. They are rapid and rarely lasts longer than 30-60 minutes. They are comparatively easy (even for beginners). They are extremely helpful for building up a bankroll. CONS: The real winnings are low if compared to the buy-in. There may be less thrill than playing MTTs or for real cash.

Is this Tournament Good for You?

Sit and Go is considered to be a great start for beginners in poker. They provide a quick understanding of the main principles and allow participants to learn fast. By constantly joining different SNGs, you will remember the strongest and winning combinations and start to understand when it’s better to perform any particular action (fold, call or raise). Sit and Go play can be characterized as repetitive, and that is why so many people find it easier than MTTs. Moreover, the better your results are, the more tables you play, the faster your bankroll can be built.