1. Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) is a game for 2 or 3 people. The aim is to win more hands (aka rows) than your opponent and get more points. 13 cards are required to build a hand: 5 of them are given to each person during the first round, 8 more cards are dealt during other rounds.
2. The placement of the cards on table should be in following fashion: 3 rows – front (3 cards), middle and back (5 cards in each). These rows are compared to each other, using the habitual calculating system. For instance, Four of a Kind is better than a Full House. Moreover, gamblers can get additional bonus points for building very hands in every row.
3. In OFC, it is strictly stated that the bottom hand must be at least as good as the middle hand, and that the middle hand must be at least as good as the top hand. Otherwise, the entire hand is "foul".
4. In case of having a “foul” hand, a gambler gets zero points. However, his opponent(s) should have a qualifying combination.

Scoring in OFC

1. In OFC, it’s not the whole combination but rows that are being compared. 1 basic point is awarded for each winning row. 2. If one gambler wins all 3 rows, he receives 3 extra winning points. 3. In case of special arrangement of the cards, a person is given bonus points. 4. The final score of each person is calculated as a combination of basic points (for winning the rows), bonus points (for special arrangements) and 3 extra winning points. 5. The result of OFC game is: final score x bets


1. Each game participant has a chance of getting a special award called “Fantasyland”. It happens when a player gets at least a pair of QQs (or better) in his front row. When entering “Fantasyland”, a person receives 14 cards at once during the next round (13 – to keep, 1 – to discard).
2. During Fantasyland mode, no one is allowed to leave the table.
3. For staying in Fantasyland, each gambler must meet the following requirements:
get Three of the Kind in front row; or/and…
get Four of a Kind in back row.