Without any doubt, everyone on the planet heard about Texas Hold’em at least once. Due to incredible popularity, it can be found both in land casinos and online. If you want to explore the nature of poker, start with learning how to play Texas Hold’em. Although the rules may seem simple, the strategy is complex and complicated. However, let’s begin with the basics: At the beginning, each player gets two cards, which he keeps until the end of the final round (showdown). You do not show them to anybody.

Dealer opens five more cards: first, three of them, then – the fourth, and then – the fifth. Any of them can be used for building 5-card combinations (known as “hands”). The task of each gambler is to compose the highest-value hand during the game. Before 5 common cards are dealt, the players have to perform different actions (make bets) in turns. If a game participant wants to keep fighting for the pot (the final prize), he needs to contribute the same amount of money/chips as the previous player (action known as “call”). As the final round comes to an end, the strongest combination wins, and the gambler gets all the money that has been collected during the course of the game. Quite simple, right? Not until you find out about thousands of strategies, outcomes, and moves to actually win the entire thing.

The Rules of Texas Hold'em

Building a correct strategy during each part is one thing, learning the core rules of Hold’em’s essentials.
Each participant is given 2 private cards (known as hole cards), which he uses during the entire game. No one, except for the person receiving these cards, can see them. 5 common cards are dealt face up to form so-called “board”. Each person needs to build the best possible combination of 5 cards, using any of those in his hand and any of those on the table.

Here’s how it works: the combination of 5 may be built from any of the 7 cards – a gambler is allowed to use zero, one or both his hole cards for a winning hand.