Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) is the ultimate chance of any person who is willing to get a huge prize. MTT can be a real opportunity to turn tiny bankrolls into enormous sums in relatively short period. In addition, no need to risk a lot of money. The best thing about MTT is that entering the tournament doesn’t cost much, while the final prize remains impressive. All participants pay the same amount to start playing. As the number of contestants decreases, the chances of all remaining gamblers grow. Some people “leave” the tables, and in the end, multiple tables shrink to the final one – the winner of which get it all.

Why Play Multi-Table Tournaments on Pokio?

PROS: - The buy-in is relatively small compared to the grand prize. Possibility to join several MTTs at the same time. A large choice of tournaments (for example, it’s possible to choose the amount of contestants – 6, 9, etc.). MTTs are available 24/7.

CONS: - MTT is not a rapid process. It may take up to 12 hours to finish it. When short-stacked early on, the game can lose all the fun. With a really huge number of opponents, it may spend long time without cashing.

Is this Tournament Good for You?

This format will be interesting for both beginners and experienced gamblers who are willing to improve their skills. The better your progress is, the more you learn and understand – the strategies, the correct moves and behavior during various stages of the tournament. These skills can become handy in other games you will be participating in.

One of the reasons why people adore MTTs is the quick chance to become wealthy. With such little risk (considering the amount of buy-in), the possibility to build a bankroll is quite high. The moment you get your first big prize, you can choose to cash out or use this money for hitting bigger tournaments with bigger payouts.