Depositing with us is as easy as ABC!

There’s nothing as simple and quick as topping up your account. Just click on the Wallet symbol and select the option of depositing. Then, input or select the sum you want to add to your balance.

Want to Withdraw Your Funds? Say No More!

Click on the Wallet symbol and select the option of withdrawal. Again, it’s possible to enter or select the desired sum. Due to strict policy and protection of our clients, we may ask to verify your account. However, nothing to be worried about – this is done for your security only!

Safety, Privacy, Security – Pillars of Our Service

We are proud of providing risk-free services and making sure that our website remains a safe place for gambling. Here’s how we provide security:

Data protection

We do not allow any unauthorized access and import of personal data of our users. The players’ database is limited and cannot be examined or seen by any but IT personnel. All actions with database are performed for monitoring and auditing.
We use plenty of resources and services to protect our serves as well. The company uses firewall to make sure that personal data will never be leaked to third parties.


The accounts that users create for depositing and withdrawing are specially designed by a bank. As holding funds are regulated by Section 41 of the Remote Gaming Regulations, the company has to provide a certain level of protection of funds from being stolen by third parties.

Fair Play and Responsible Gaming

We are confident that online gambling should remain free from any kinds of frauds and dishonest schemes. The company makes everything possible to ensure 100% safety and fairness.
Our random number generation (RNG) operates flawlessly, leaving no chance for deception. We allow every user to set limits for depositing to ensure that gambling remains pure fun.

Zero Tolerance for Fraud

We have adopted the best services for making random security checks to maintain and guarantee 100% fairness in all our games. The account of any person who is found to be participating in any dishonest activity will be shut down immediately.